Welcome to Dexter's Den

Our mission at Dexter’s Den Dog Daycare and Grooming is to care for your dog while you are at work or at play by providing needed exercise and affection in a safe and fun atmosphere with our pet loving staff. 

You can relax, your dog is not alone.

Please note: we are solely a daycare, we do not kennel overnight.

There are several reasons why you should consider using our daycare services for your pet:

  • Our daycare is kennel free.
  • Every dog gets two outdoor walks every day!
  • Our facility is fun, safe, and secure.
  • Our visitors are always closely monitored to ensure happy, healthy play.
  • All dogs are carefully interviewed to ensure everyone is sociable, healthy and immunized.
  • We have a free-play area, non-slip floors, toys, and beds for nap times to ensure a pleasant and healthy atmosphere for your pet. 
  • We offer plenty of human interaction and one-on-one attention.
  • We are conveniently located on Fallowfield Road between Greenbank Road and Woodroffe Avenue.

Daycare can be a rewarding experience for your dog:

  • Pack interaction teaches social skills and encourages self-confidence.
  • Daytime activity can control or eliminate undesirable behaviour in the home due to boredom, separation anxiety, or stress.
  • Acceptable behaviour is encouraged through positive reinforcement.



Photos of the Daycare                           
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My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet.  -Edith Wharton




Here's what some of our clients are talking about!

A Gym Tale blogs about Dexter's Den!
Read it here!   Thank-You Lindsay!

 Lynn Hyndman from Dogs in Harmony Obedience Training & Education says: "My 11 year old German Shepherd Dog usually comes home from grooming facilities very stressed and unhappy.  Not today!  Dexter's Den is the place to go!  It is obvious that Dexter's Den know their stuff.  He was the cleanest he's ever been; nails clipped properly; and well de-shedded. I will certainly take him back there and recommend Dexter's Den to others. Thank you Dexter's Den!"

My dog Dana has been to Dexter's Den three times now.  They are wonderful.  She comes back groomed and tired from her day's activities with the other dogs and the owners.  I would recommend this establishment to anyone and I sing their praises to anyone who listens.  Dana loves it there too.  Sincerely,  Judy

My little dog just had his first experience at Dexter's Den today...and since coming home, he has been calm and sleepy!  He had a fabulous time running around and playing with all the dogs present at the daycare, big and small. My overall experience with Dexter's Den was super positive, and I am definitely going to be including them into Bentley's routine!  Nicole G.

Paul and Adrienne are unbelievable. My wife and I wanted a Golden Retriever very badly but were not sure how the puppy stage would go. Well, we are not great at it however we are getting better. All I can say is that Dexter's Den has been a God send. Maya loves it at "The Den". It allows her to get her energy out and allows us some sanity. They do a fantastic job and I recommend it to everyone!  Randy

We have been taking our Golden Retriever puppy Abby to Dexter’s Den regularly for 3 months now.  It is amazing, Abby is getting all the exercise & socialization that she needs.  She loves it there with all her friends and looks forward to going everyday!  Since Abby is getting all of the exercise she needs during the day she has become such a happy and well behaved dog.  She no longer chews my house or gets into trouble at home!  She also no longer needs to be put in a kennel at night or when we leave the house, we can trust her now.  I don’t know what we would do without Dexter’s Den and I will recommend it to everyone! Thank you Paul and Adrienne!!  Melissa

You guys are awesome for having such an amazing daycare.  We don't trust just anyone with our furry-baby...and we never worry when our Dash is with you.  Thanks for not only having a great business, but for being awesome caring people yourselves!  The staff is what sets you above any other daycare in the city.  I have no problem at all recommending you to anyone for grooming or daycare.  *Thumbs up*  Thank you!!  Stasia G